The Beaded Wire

I have been asked many times by interested parties how long I have been making jewelry. To be honest, not that long…less than one year. But I love it.

All my life I have done something creative and worked with my hands. At the age of nine, I was creating designs in potholders. Not just ordinary potholders, mind you. These had patterns to them, and even at that time, I was a complete perfectionist! If it didn’t look right or wasn’t even in all aspects, it got torn apart and re-made.

From potholders I wandered into other art forms. My parents nurtured my artistic nature by keeping colored pencils, oil paints, chalk, and other art supplies in front of me. By the time I went to college, I had dabbled in over 10 different mediums, including paper machéand soap carving. If it could be worked with my hands, I did it.

I majored in art and took that path in college, as well, starting out in architecture and finishing in commercial art. At that time, we didn’t use computers in the design phase. Everything was drawn by hand, and we used predefined formulas to make it perfect. The “perfection” part suited me just fine. It’s the type A personality, you know.

Through the years, art has been a dominant part of my life. Oil painting, designing and making collectors teddy bears, owning a website design business, and teaching others to do what I did. All of this plus others skills I learned along the way lead me to this spot in my life, the love of making beautiful pieces of jewelry.

My inspiration is my husband and good friends. They are the ones that told me what I had created early on, my early pieces of crocheted and woven wire, would be loved by not just them, but others who saw my work. After some encouragement, the idea became reality and here I am. My life is now a walk in the park, walking hand-in-hand with wire, stones, and gemstones of varying sizes and shapes.

Wire is a wonderful medium to work with. It bends and molds itself into what I see in my head. It is forgiving but challenging. It can be soft and pliable but hard and frustrating. It can be mastered but bites you back (when an edge sticks out) and breaks under fatigue. It is fascinating and is now my medium of choice.

As this blog continues, I will answer questions you might have and provide you with information on what is trending, gemstones, and how-to information. In the process, I hope we become great friends and compatriots in the art of jewelry making. Wrap on!!

Gail Chambers