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When I first started making jewelry, one of the first gemstones I worked with was Sodalite. It is no mystery that blue is my favorite color, so it makes sense that I was drawn to this beautiful mineral. General Properties Sodalite has been called the “Beautiful Imposter” and the “Princess of Blue Gemstones.”  Discovered first […]

Regarding Gemstones

For years gemstones, both precious and semi-precious, have been of interest to me. I am a woman, so of course I like the glitz and sparkle. But more than that I have always been intrigued by how the gems of this earth come to be, how we categorize them, and why are some more appealing […]

ggChambers and Why Wire

I have been asked many times by interested parties how long I have been making designer jewelry. To be honest, not that long…less than one year. But I love it. All my life I have done something creative and worked with my hands. At the age of nine, I was creating designs in potholders. Not […]