About Us

Welcome to ggChambers designs LLC

Who We Are…

We are Gary and Gail Chambers, both long-time artists in a variety of mediums. Gary works in oils, acrylics, and watercolors, and paints lovely landscapes and cloud scenes. I, Gail, like my husband, have always been a designer of some sort. I’ve worked mostly in oils, graphic and website design, and the design and production of collector’s teddy bears, where my work was published in a German book.

My first encounter with wire was when someone suggested I crochet it about five years ago. I had crocheted everything else I could get my hands on, and had learned that art at a very young age. It only made sense to try a different medium. I do have to tell you, though, that if you pick up crocheting wire, give yourself a wide berth. You need to stick with it and have lots of patience. I almost quit. After two weeks of struggling, it finally clicked, and the rest is history.

I discovered bending and weaving about April of 2012 and was hooked (no pun intended)! It made my fingers sore and my eyes bulge, but I couldn’t give it up. I quickly developed a deep and sometimes obnoxious, love for wire and the latitude it affords my artistic desires. I work hard to come up with new and original designs constantly.

I am basically self-taught through tutorials, books, and watching lots of YouTube, and I still enjoy reading through some of my friends books and tutorials. Throughout my life, I have learned, as has Gary, that we can, at any time, always learn something new about the things we love.

Along with my passion for wire came a new love, the love of the beauty of natural stone. While I sometimes use unnatural materials like polymer clay or man made materials like Opalite, I always gravitate back to wonderful natural “earthy” stones and cabochons. Now, I am a complete rock addict. Anyone who creates cabochons or polishes rocks can attest to that fact. My poor husband gave up looking through my stash. Even though he loves them as well, and has never criticized my love for or purchase of beautiful stones, I’m sure he wished I collected matches or something that took up less space! But…being the great guy he is, he built me a workbench and supports my “habit,” which has turned into a great business for both of us.

My inspiration is my wonderful husband, Gary, our lives together, wire, and the lovely stones I work with. Each individual stone dictates the design, so no two designs are ever alike. I pride myself on being detail oriented, so my creations are sturdy and ready to wear, neat on front and back, and guaranteed. I do seal almost all of my designs, regardless of the metal used (except for titanium) so the client can worry just a little bit less about tarnish and their skin…and I reseal the second time for free! You just pay the postage.

Wire is not only a creative outlet for me, but a friend. I can bend it, weave it, manipulate it, twist it, and crochet it. I can’t think of any other medium that offers me all those options. It even gets back at me if I push it too far.

Gary’s and my goals include retiring to travel the art circuit together. We love living in both Florida and Texas, travel, movies, and the sea.

Our mission is to bring joy to the masses through our art, and inspiration through our conversations with everyone we meet.