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Introduction to our Beloved Copper and a Little Bit on Oxidation – Lesson One

I’ve seen a lot of question on Facebook and the Internet from different skill levels of people working with copper wire or plate about why copper does what it does, like kink and break. I’ve worked with copper wire and copper items for about seven years now, and decided to share some of my research […]

New Blog…New Location

Hey, everyone! Just a quick blog post to let you know that I have moved the blog to It is appropriately called “Wire Rapper,” and will feature a variety of articles from things to think about when starting a craft or art type business to just how life is going in the wire world. […]

Who Let the Dogs Out? or…Why the Heck Do I Want to Turn my Hobby into a Business?

Because of comments, questions, and concerns recently posed to me about where and how to market handmade items, I have decided to take the Beaded Wire Blog in a different direction. Whether you are a home crafter (artist) of anything, a designer of jewelry, jewelry maker, or one who just likes to purchase handmade products, […]

2013 Show Schedule

My 2013 show schedule is starting to fill up, and I am so grateful to Sami of Sami Shows and all my other event coordinators for including my shop this year! These are always great shows, filled with a variety of quality items from many different genres. They are ALL definitely worth the drive, so […]

Thanks for Your Patience

The day of Christmas is over, but I hope you all keep the Spirit in your hearts all year long. I am personally looking forward to another great year! I want to thank you all for your kindness, loyalty, and patience. A business is a business and should be treated as such, but with all […]