Pantone Colors for 2017 – Wow! It’s Greenery!

Pantone Colors for 2017 – Wow! It’s Greenery!

Well, here I am struggling to get back to writing again. Seems like it was about the same time last year when I vowed to be a more active writer! and did it happen? NO! I am going to try again, try to not let life get in the way. I will start here with a little discussion on the very wonderful Pantone Colors for 2017.

We have a lot of color choices to work with this year. Pantone has named all of these colors the hotties and the trends for 2017. Pretty cool, huh? All are based on bright wonderful colors, but are just slightly subdued from their natural bright cousins. Lowering the true color value, creates a more “peaceful” acceptance of the color. This is a good thing for those of us that utilize color in our work, whether it be jewelry or other forms of art. While some customers are driven by hard reds, blues, greens, and yellows, most are more comfortable if the colors they wear make them feel at peace. PANTONE Fashion Color Report Spring 2017

Greenery has been named the Color of the Year! After reviewing some editor’s choices on the web, it seems like Greenery is the favorite with Forbes, Money, and other financial publications. If you think about it, that makes perfect sense, since money is green. Greenery has also been called the “Color of the Year” by Pantone also reiterates the same thing. Greenery brings forth that sense of Spring and revitalization, and is sure to be seen everywhere in the fashion industry.

Pantone also states that Niagra is a great color choice for spring and will be seen throughout the fashion marketplace. The color, Niagra, a cousin to Wedgewood Blue, is perfect to match with any form of denim, and denim always seems to be a hot fashion trend, no matter what the season. In this pendant, long sold, I used a Luna Agate with great denim blue markings. This one sold quickly to go with a denim outfit.

Let’s talk about the use of subdued colors. If you study color psychology, you will know that whenever a base color is subdued slightly, it calms the mind. Hard colors, like natural bright red, makes the mind run wild and gives us a sense of urgency. That’s why fast food chains often use red in their interior design. It’s fast food after all. They want you to get in and get out, to make room for other patrons. And…that is why they tell you not to use hard blues, red, yellows in a newborns room. The harsh bright colors make the brain activate, make the eyes wider, and can make a newborn restless and unable to relax. Use those colors, but a toned down version instead, where your baby is concerned.

Personally, I am excited about these colors! There is a lot to work with here. Greenery might be more of a challenge. If you work with cabochons, that color is harder to find., but maybe you can find a way to integrate a combination of it and another color or combinations of the other nine Pantone selections to enhance your work. This Oolite pendant is a perfect match for the Pantone color, Hazelnut.


Here is an idea, one I used with last years Pantone selects, Rose Quartz and Serenity. When you can, integrate rose gold wire (for the Pantone Color, Pale Dogwood) into your creations. Here, I have used a combo of rose gold filled and sterling silver wire with an Ocean Jasper cabochon. Just so happens, the cabochon has some of the green color that might pass for Greenery but is probably more like Kale (second row of the Pantone Colors).

Scratching your head as to how to use the color Greenery in your own work? Here are a couple of ideas. Use the stone Atlantasite. Image result for green stonesThis stone is a combination of Stitchite and Serpentine, giving you the yellowish green of Greenery with just a hint of burgundy to add interest.

Image result for green mohave turquoiseAnother stone that provides this unusual color is the dyed green Mojave Turquoise. While this stone is a little harder to find, there are a few lapidaries out there that cut it for jewelry.

Whatever you choose to do, whether it’s run after Greenery in your creations, or pursue another avenue with one of the other nine lovely Pantone colors of 2017, keep these color trends in mine while putting your work before the public. Bear this in mind, as well, many jewelry enthusiasts are driven by the fashion trends of the time. Utilizing these colors in your work might be the tiny difference in your business this year. Or…you can be like me, and just make what makes you happy.

Whatever you choose to do, be the best you can be, and Stay Wired Up!



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