Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions and information you might feel useful. If after reading, you still have a question, feel free to contact us. Thank you.

Questions About the Jewelry at ggChambers

Q: How will I know if my jewelry will fit?

A: We make every effort to measure our pieces and provide those measurements in the detailed description of each piece of jewelry we make. We measure our jewelry from the tip of the hook or clasp to the eye, toggle bar, or jump ring on the other side, so the measurements include the clasps. The best idea is to take a string and cut or mark it at the same length of the piece you are looking at, especially if it is a bracelet. Place the string around your neck or wrist (or ankle, in the case of an anklet) and see if it suits your needs. Don’t forget to take into account the width of the piece (especially for necklaces). If you purchase a piece and are unsure, you can always contact me.

Q: What if I really like a piece but it won’t fit me?

A: You can contact me and I will do my best to make one just for you. I do custom work here, as well. This is contingent, however, on whether or not I can still get the items I used to make the original piece, but I will do my best!

Q: I’ve seen a piece of jewelry on your site that I like but I need more than one. Is it possible to get two or more?

A: Yes. I can make duplicates as close as I can.  They are all made by hand on and individual basis, so each one may be a little bit different. There are no guarantees that two or more will look “exactly” alike, but I try my best.

Q: Is the piece I see on the website the one I will get?

A: Yes, unless I notify you otherwise.

Q: If I see jewelry on another site but want you to make it, is that possible?

A: No, I will not duplicate another person’s work. It would be a violation of my business ethics to do so, just like I wouldn’t want someone else to duplicate mine without permission.

Q:  Why do you use Silver-plated wire instead of Sterling in your crocheted products?

A:  The little nooks and crannies of wire in woven wire and crocheted wire jewelry can be hard to clean, so I prefer to use a non-tarnish wire. Most of the pieces I make are crafted from plated wires for ease of cleaning purposes. You will find that all other items are Sterling Silver, jewelry grade Copper, or 14/20 Gold-filled.

Q: I notice you use some vintage beads in your designs. How do I know they are really old?

A: We buy our antique and vintage beads from only reputable sources, and we use other resources to date, to the best of our ability, the vintage beads. Vintage beads are rarely dated to the month and date they were made. We, as collectors can usually tell you what century they were made in or what part of the century they were made in. If a bead is extremely rare and there is a record of how many and where the individual beads were made, we can probably be more precise. That situation, however, occurs rarely.

Q: How will my jewelry be packaged?

A: Each item is individually packaged, comes in a resealable anti-tarnish bag and with a velvet or velour travel/storage pouch.

Q: I live outside the US but want to purchase a piece or two. What should I do?

A: Shipping is $5 inside the US. Outside the US, shipping will be calculated and you will be notified of that price before shipment.

Q: Is your jewelry safe for children to wear?

A: We recommend that a child under eight not be given our jewelry to wear, unless we have specified that an individual product is safe for children on the product’s website page. Most of our pieces contain very small pieces that could be a danger to a child if swallowed or used in inappropriate ways. Also, while we try not to use unsafe items in our jewelry, some of the beads or wires we use may still contain small amounts of substances not suitable for small children. We will not take responsibility or claim liability for any injury you, or anyone associated with your purchase of our products, incur if you choose to use our products for anything other than for their recommended use. as designer jewelry.

Q: Will you gift wrap and mail my order to a third party?

A: Yes. Give me the details and I will be happy to comply. I hope to have that as an option on the Shopping Cart page soon. Until then you can contact us by email ahead of time and we will do our best.


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