Handmade Figure-8 Small-Link Chain


Now Available! Handmade figure-8 chain in your choice of metals and sizes. Each link in the Figure-8 Small-link Chain is only 1/4 inch, or about 6mm, long. I cut, trim, and bend each individual link and put them all together with my pliers. I work hard to make sure each link is closed so you will have a comfortable fit.

Your necklace chain is perfect use with a pendant, to wear with another chain, or to wear by itself. Each chain has a handmade hammered hook and eye clasp, wears my signature logo tag, and is sealed to help maintain color and make it easier to wear for the person with sensitive skin.

If you don’t see you desired size, message me for a quote. Pictures for Antiqued Sterling Silver coming soon!

Additional Information

Sterling Silver, Antiqued Sterling, Antiqued Copper, Natural Copper

Sizes in Inches

18, 24, 36

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