Twisted-8 Handmade Necklace Chain


This chain is what I call a Twisted Figure-8 because that is just what it is, a larger figure-8 by 2mm, and it is twisted to a 90 degree angle to give it a different look. I cut every little piece of wire, and finish the ends so they are flat before bending. There are three bends involved: 1/2 of the figure-8, the second half of the figure-8, and then the final 90 degree bend. Each link is flattened before they are put together. I also make sure all the links are close so they won’t get caught on your skin or clothing. The clasps are hook and eye design and also handmade and hammered by me. So…as you can imagine…each chain requires a lot of work and patience on my part, but I’m happy that each one carries my signature logo tag in the matching metals.

Each chain is sealed with a professional quality sealer to help protect the finish and sensitive skin, and ships in a resealable bag, with a travel/storage pouch, and with care instructions.

If you don’t find what you need in color or size, please feel free to message me.

Read more about the sealer I use on my blog, Wire Rapper.

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Copper, Antiqued Copper, Sterling Silver, Antiqued Sterling


18, 24, 36

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