Wire Weaving and Refining Your Tool Belt – Part 1

Wire Weaving and Refining Your Tool Belt – Part 1

I have been working with wire for over four years now, and, like so many of you, have accumulated some tools I don’t use very much and some tools that I love, love, love. These particular tools, the ones I use on a daily basis,  have helped alleviate some critical issues common to wire workers.

Don’t we all love a closely cut wire? One that doesn’t have to be filed down or re-cut? Most of us have at least one wire cutter of some sort, and always have to have a cutter that cuts as close to our work as possible. I have several pairs, including a really good set of Swanstrom. SwanstromCuttersYeah, I sprung for the expensive one, ouch, and while it worked far better than my inexpensive wire cutters, I still wasn’t quite happy with how close it actually cut to my base wires.  If you weave tightly and closely, you know what I mean. Also, the set screw on this  cutter moves itself in and out, making constant cutting a challenge. I had to check the screw all the time to make sure I could get the blades to actually come together to make a clean cut. Don’t get me wrong. I love the company and this cutter works great for my base wires, but I wanted that close cut, that close shave, if you will for my smaller weave wires, so I went on a hunt. What I found came quite by accident.

A friend of mine told me to check out used tools on Ebay. Now, to be honest, I’m not an Ebay shopper, so I had no clue they sold “used” tools, but thought I would check them out. Hey, I’m not made out of money, so anywhere I can save a dime or two is great!

My next thought was Lindstrom! Yeah, never thought I could afford any of those, but if I could get them used, I was all in! If you are like me and haven’t bought used tools, search “Lindstrom Cutters” on Ebay, and check the box to the left that says “Used” or just follow my link, and select “Used.” There you will find some cool Lindstrom cutters…hopefully. People snatch them up pretty fast, so if you can’t find what you are looking for, check back. Here is what I found.

Lindstrom8148These are the Lindstrom 8148 Precision Ultra Flush Cutters. I bought my first pair used and paid around $7 but didn’t pay any attention to the size of them. I was just so excited to find used Lindstrom cutters in the first place. Got them a few days later and they were only four inches long. No problem. They were in great shape, and boy could they cut close! I did some research and found out they are used in the aviation and automotive industry. Shoot, I didn’t care what industry they were used in! I was happy as a bee in a blooming orchard!

The point is so small and so sharp, you can get right down between your base wires. My used cutters are labeled on the inside of the grip as 0.1-0.8 copper, and I assumed they were meant to cut copper wire, gauges up to 20 gauge. I have not used them for that large of a wire, but I will tell you that I have used them to cut the weave wires, copper up to 24 gauge, and sterling silver up to 26 gauge. I loved them so much, I bought a new pair and paid around $30. The specs on the new ones say they can cut up to 16 gauge wire! Not bad, for a tool I use on a daily basis.

I hope this article has been enlightening and helpful to you. As always, comments are welcome. If you decide to get a pair for yourself, let me know what you think about them, and I will post your comments! Have a wonderful day, and…Stay Wired Up!

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